What are the days like?

A Safe Environment Built for Fun and Learning

At Love To Sing Day Camp, we ensure your child has a safe and nurturing environment, where they can learn new skills as well as hone their talent. From vocal warm-ups and karaoke parties to arts and crafts and choreography, your child will have the perfect summer vacation with new friends, tons of fun, and a learning experience that parents and kids alike will appreciate.

Promoting Friendships and Teamwork With Our Group Activities
After your kids are settled, we'll divide them according to different age groups so they can find their companions and get to know each other better. Musical choices are made based on your child's interests and ability. Each age group participates in the following activities at age-appropriate levels, and at different times throughout the day:
1. Vocal warm-ups: Learn about breath control, proper vocal placement, diction, and phrasing so you can wow your audience at the show chorus.

2. Karaoke parties for boys and girls: Take turns singing your favorite songs from our selection of hundreds of karaoke CDs. We regularly update our collection each season so that we can include the most recent hits.

3. Show chorus: We teach musical scenes from various shows and / or pop songs, which are then performed as group numbers, facilitating teamwork and friendships. Performances are conducted at the end of the week on Fridays at 2 PM. Parents are invited to these shows.

4. Dance, dance, dance: Learn choreography to accompany the show chorus selections.

5. Arts and crafts: Create your very own logo, design a poster, or design a t-shirt and show it off during Friday's performance. We also host other art projects which are enjoyed daily, such as group murals, lanyard projects, and jewelry design. New projects are introduced every week of the camp.

6. Outdoor activities: Enjoy fun outdoor games with our counselors on the playground lawn. A sprinkler is turned on every day during recess for campers who want to enjoy it. We are very close to a beach  (Phillip Healy Beach)with a splash park and playground and we can take the campers there. We do not have them swim, but they can play in the splash park.

7. Voice instruction: Our NY State-certified vocal teachers teach you how to improve your singing during smaller group rehearsals. You can also opt for a solo performance and get coached by our professional teachers.

8. Ukulele class:  Campers who want to learn how to play the ukulele or who already know how but want to improve their ukulele skills can take this super fun class!

9. Creative snack: We provide snacks each afternoon. We strive to make your snack-time fun by teaching you how to make trail mix, decorate cupcakes, homemade s'mores, etc.

Camp Requirements and Facilities
If you're joining our day camp sessions and are ready for adventure and fun, make sure you adhere to the camp guidelines:
Each camper should wear sneakers.
All campers should bring a water bottle.
If you want to enjoy the sprinkler after lunch, you will need to bring a bathing suit,  towel, and water shoes. Bathing suits can also be worn under your clothing, if  preferred.
Sunblock should be applied daily before camp.
Please label all items with your first and last name.
Please do not carry jewelry or electronic devices such as cell phones, iPads, etc. Love To Sing Day Camp will not be responsible for lost or stolen  items.
Bring a bagged lunch and a beverage Monday - Thursday*.  An afternoon snack  will be provided daily by the camp. We serve pizza on Fridays for lunch.

 Deli Lunch Add-on Option
For an additional $40.00 per session, you can receive a fresh, healthy deli lunch from Mon-Thurs from the Seaford deli in Seaford. Each lunch comes individually wrapped and bagged with your name on it. Your choice of sandwiches include:
Grilled cheese sandwich
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Turkey sandwich
Ham or bologna sandwich on white, rye, or whole wheat bread.
Add-on options:
Pretzels or banana
Bottle of water, apple juice or fruit punch

We have limited seats at the Love To Sing Day Camp. Want to enroll your child and give them a vacation of fun and learning? Call us today at 516-884-4000 to reserve your spot. 

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